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Revolution of College Football

January 7th, 2008

by FeetForLovePSU

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Everyone stop debating the BCS system, NOW! You have chastised the computers when they are the part of the BCS system we should be celebrating. The flaw in the BCS system is instead the polls. Coaches that vote do not pay attention to the other games or are biased.

Many people have proposed a playoff system with the top 8 teams in the USA Today Polls at the end of the year being in the playoffs. In some instances it is 16 teams. Either way this creates a larger problem of teams trying to make a case to be in the playoffs and we will only hear more bickering. If you want to do what is best for college football then I have a solution with 2 simple steps.

Step 1
Get rid of polls and switch to a full computer ranking. People will complain no matter what but this will give people the cop out of “number don’t lie”. Base the computer ratings on strength of schedule and whether teams win or lose. Do not bother with stats or margin of victory. That is just rubbish. This is a win-win situation for fans. They get to have that cop out of “the numbers don’t like” along with having a must for schools to schedule better out of conference games.

I am sick and tired of watching Penn State play FIU, Buffalo. there is less excitement in the beginning weeks of college football. I watch college basketball and what I see is Pitt vs. Duke, Ohio State vs. North Carolina and other great out of conference games that are fun and exciting to watch. Why? Because schools need to play good teams to get a good RPI rating, assuming they win. With a computer system that goes off of strength of schedule (and W-L) then you will have more Ohio State-Southern Cal match ups. Who knows maybe there will be a SEC-Big Ten challenge set up. No matter what it will bring about definite cut-off on who is in and who is out, along with better team schedules made.

Step 2
I implied it last part. I am asking for a playoff system, AS LONG AS STEP 1 IS IN PLACE. I don’t care if it is 8 team or 16 team. Keep the bowls for those who don’t make the playoff. Those who wouldn’t be in the top 16 truly are playing in bowl games that their fans only care about.The rest of the points to made here about how it would still generate lots of money and such has already been made by others.

What am I asking for? NO HUMAN POLLS! Go ahead and make them for pre-season or grins and giggles, but don’t allow them to hold any weight please. Hopefully this can make all fans happy, along with the networks.


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