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Father-Son Bonding at Big 33 football game

June 18th, 2007

by FeetForLovePSU

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By: Matthew Brady

Matt and Steve head to Hershey to sit together and watch the Big 33 football game together for some father-son bonding, as they scout and give their thoughts on football players that will be at Penn State this fall, along with just a summary of the game.
There were three players that are heading to Penn State, Drew Astrino, Derek Moye, and Nathan Stupar

Derek Moye was very impressive in my opinion. He had a knack of getting open during the game. I think if the Pennsylvania QB kept his eyes downfield while scrambling, Moye would have had more stats. Moye is tall and his speed was impressive. He played very well in that game IMO.

Nathan Stupar did not do much during the game from what I saw (of course, i was not in the best seat in the house at the game). Why he did so little though comes with reason. Every time I looked he was being double teamed by Ohio. He couldn’t shed the double team, but he was still pushing them back. He looked good.

Drew Astrino
impressed me the most. He seemed to have been all over the field on defense and really kept his head on a swivel, as he was tested quite a few times laterally. It seemed as though he stayed stride for stride with his match ups and just knocked the balls down. I was not expecting so much from him.

Meanwhile, Pitt commits, Henry Hynoski and Chris Jacobson, did not do much to catch my attention, other than when Jacobson started to get into a fight that was thankfully broken up soon after. Penn State’s recruits outshined Pittsburgh by far.
We went on to talk about the upcoming Penn State season, as I mentioned the players that excite me to watch the most. There were many players that could fall in that category, but I finally narrowed it down to two.

Anthony Morelli: not just because he has a year under his belt or even just because of the Tennessee game, though that definitely helps. My real reason to be excited about Morelli is not about him. It’s about those around him that he can use this year. You might be asking, “What’s the difference between 06 and 07 for his supporting cast?” The emergence of taller players, that are also playmakers, will help us score in the endzone, instead of just a field goal. They players I’m talking about are players like Andrew Quarless and Chris Bell. Those two are going to be stars and they’re going to fix our problem of getting into the redzone. Any Penn State fan would know that we get to the redzone then stall out. All of our WRs other than Golden were below 6 foot, making fade passes be tough to execute in the endzone.

Others that I thought of here: Andrew Quarless, Chris Bell, Offensive line, Austin Scott, Derrick Williams

Defense-AJ Wallace: This was tough, as there is so much going on with the defense. I could have picked any 57 young, but talented, D linemen that we have. AJ Wallace though is the one that I want to see the most. He played in big games, like Justin King as a freshman. He’s got speed, not to mention he can bring kickoffs to the endzone. Never the less, Wallace is that added dimensions that keeps defenses from wanting to throw the ball at all. You cant throw it go King’s side, (and Scirrotto if he’s able to play), and it’s not like our SS, Davis isn’t experienced in covering a player, as the CB experience probably helped him. So who do you throw it to? The quarterback would have to throw to Wallace’s side, the youngest player in the secondary. I expect to see some INTs from him this year.

Others that I thought of here: Navarro Bowman Tony Davis, Aaron Maybin,), Jared Odrick, Maurice Evans, Phillip Taylor
NFL News:
“It’s Division 1 football! It’s the Big 12”- Dan Hawkins
Where was that speech from Oakland Raider’s head coach Lane Kiffin? I was thoroughly disappointed in him. He just rolled over when the player union complained about, “mini-camp being too hard.” I did not see the reaction I was expecting with the press conference that followed.

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